Road Transportation

As the name implies, this type of transportation refers to using different vehicles to transport whether in the country or on an international basis and it can be used for both passengers and cargos. Road transportation for which we mean transporting cargos is an inseparable part of international trade. This transportation is even used for locations which have no logistic facilities.
Road transportation is a part of land transportation which stands next to the rail transportation but has a dominant role over it. Regarding Iran, rail transportation’s share in the whole land transportation was 16 percent until almost ten years ago which has turned to eight percent in these years and road transportation controls Iran’s land transportation with definite superiority.
International road transportation is done under international conventions including CMR and TIR.

International road transportation is done under international conventions including CMR and TIR.

CMR Convention:

Since all the damage responsibilities were on carriers in the past, carriers or companies owning vehicles endured extreme loss and a rule was needed in order to preserve senders, carriers, buyers or receivers’ rights. In 19th may 1956 a convention named CMR or Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road was compiled in Geneva in 1956 which turned to be imperative in 1961.Considering Iran’s geographical location in the region, having access to high seas and the inaccessibility of some neighboring countries which Iran has land borders with, Iran has been a suitable way to transport the cargos of these countries from different points and still is. Therefore, it is obvious the Iranian government is to provide the room for improving the status of this industry considering the importance of these issues. So accordingly the Iranian government joined CMR Convention in 20th July 1997.

TIR Convention :

TIR stands for Transport International Routhier which means International Road Transports. After World War II, Europe needed Americans help. The American plan required the economic open door policy. Consequently, the TIR system was established according to the following objectives:

- Instead of every country executing customs guarantee system and it makes the international transportation institute provide a guarantee or deposit, they will one hand their guarantees to a guarantor institute and the guarantee and the deposit given to them will be recognized as official by all countries.
- Instead if the passing truck being controlled by the customs of each country, one unit as the will do the task as a representative of all the countries and seal the truck and the other countries only make sure the seal is intact.
- The government of each country introduces a guarantor institute which guarantees all international transportation and truck institutes for all related and foreign customs.
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