About Us

Javanehcargo-Bar International Transportation Company has been able to provide the safest and most economical services for owners of goods whether inside or outside of the country and set a brilliant record in this industry with ten years of activity in the field of international transportation and by having capable staff and experienced experts in performing and transporting project, container, bulk and groupage cargos and also transiting cargos to the domestic customs of the country and to other countries.
This company has agencies in the ports and customs of the country and free-trade zones and is prepared to provide the customers with the best services.
The services and capabilities of this company are briefly mentioned as:
  • Door-to-door service by delivering the container to the exports and imports zone
  • Hiring ship and chartering (exports, imports, bulk)
  • Carrying container cargos in the form of FCL and LCL
  • Carrying bulk cargos
  • International transportation of goods to various places in the world
  • Carrying domestic or foreign transit cargos
  • Providing all clearance services and customs advice
  • Transiting and carrying imports and exports cargos from country’s ports to all countries of Central Asia, CIS, Iraq and Afghanistan with all transit formalities using trucks and rails.
  • Assigning possibility of Reefer, Open Top and Flat Rack container.
  • This company is a member of communities and conventions associated with commercial transportation such as FIATA, Chamber of Commerce and International Transportation Community is honored for having an extensive network.

CEO’s Words

Nowadays, knowledge, skills and experience in world trade can lead to improvement and providing services at excellent levels. According to the existing conditions and daily changes in the expense and trade and logistic conditions, the people and companies can keep up the presence that use the factors mentioned so as to make decisions and adapt the new conditions and follow a safe and new strategy. If Javanehcargo-Bar Company has still been able to persuade its traders and customers to cooperate through Iran despite all the pressures on the country’s logistics is due to using commercial and logistic experts’ knowledge and having the experience of professional working in the field for more than a decade in addition to the grace of God Almighty.
We constantly investigate the obstacles in international logistic and commercial affairs and resolve these obstacles for our customers’ satisfaction and providing services in the best form by using experts and interns’ advice.
We believe we will continue our way of providing services of high quality and will resolve all obstacles in this way by the care of God and the confidence and satisfaction of customers.

Our vision

Javanehcargo-Bar Company tries to provide services from the beginning of the trade to the delivery of the goods, supply raw materials for domestic production, proceed extensive exports to neighboring countries and Central Asia from Iran by identifying target markets for Iranian goods in these countries and also managing and executing the transportation of these goods by relying on specialized knowledge and experienced human resources with the help of God Almighty.

Our Objectives

  • Standing on the first rank of international road transportation companies.
  • Completing transportation navy for unlimited carrier activities in all transportation forms.
  • Planning to improve and develop Iran’s exports to neighboring countries.
  • Expanding the use of Iran’s geographical location by supplying the needed metals of neighboring countries and transporting them through Iran (improving and developing Iran’s foreign transport).