Imports and Exports

Imports and exports or generally trade on an international basis takes place according to a lot of reasons. Trade is whether discussed on an economic basis in which economy influences world trade or on a national basis in which the country’s rules or economy affect imports and exports. Trade can also be discussed on business basis since for imports and exports, any particular agency can take action as well.
The key point hidden in international trade is crossing national and international borders. This is a political issue itself. Crossing the border depends on various issues such as distance, cultural differences and language. There is no doubt that the trade of most nations is mostly domestic. Foreign trade fluctuates from less than 5 to maximally 40 percent, depending on countries’ development level and if they their economy is open to the outside world. The more open the trade of nations to the world and the more the quantitatively developed economy, the more need for exports and imports. In other words, self-sufficiency has turned to have a diminishing role for a long time and it has been practically proved not only is it impossible, but is an obstacle to economic development. Hence, international trade has a cardinal importance in the economic development of countries.

Important factors in trade:


Sourcing also known as orders, purchase or supplies are the sets in which the decisions are made regarding where and from whom the goods, raw materials and services are bought.

2-Terms of Sale and Incoterms:

When something is bought from somewhere far away and huge sums are paid for its carriage and the delivery will take some days, some issues are mentioned which are very important. For example, carriage terms which are rules including the buyer and seller’s responsibilities towards organizing the carriage of the cargo, paying carriage costs, providing cargo insurance, paying port tolls and accepting all probable loss while carrying the cargo. By considering buyer’s needs and the agreements between the buyer and the seller, these terms are set and mentioned in the contract of selling the cargo.

In the rivalry between suppliers, the quality of the goods is simply not enough. The suppliers of goods and services try to provide extra services and usually in a logistic way in order to distinguish themselves from others. It is always hard for traders who are not settled in the intended country to find suppliers being able to meet the needs of traders and buyers completely and flexible to provide the intended logistic services for traders.

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