Customs Formalities

Clearing goods from customs requires customs formalities and declaring goods by handing customs declaration which is done by different customs methods for different objectives:

A) Imports:

The goods entering customs can be declared for one of the following objectives:

1-Outright Admission:

It is a customs procedure based on the goods entering customs territory which are cleared by paying the entry and other sums and doing all formalities.

2-Temporary Admission:

It is a customs procedure based on certain goods which can enter customs territory under some particular conditions and exit after a certain time without any changes made in them.

3-Temporary Admission for Processing:

According to this customs procedure, some goods or parts can enter customs territory and after doing some processes like building, repairing, etc. change them to other goods or parts and export again.

4- Returned Goods:

According to this procedure the admissible goods into customs can be declared and cleared due to lack of documents or other reasons they have remained in customs before executing abandoned goods regulations.

5-Foreign transit:

It is a customs procedure based on which the goods enter customs territory from authorized customs and exit from another by customs authorities’ observation.

6- Domestic Transit:

It is a customs procedure and based on it the goods for which the customs formalities have not been done yet is transformed from customs permitted to do domestic transit to another in order to do outright customs formalities.

B) Exports:

1-Outright Issue:

It is a customs procedure based on which the domestic goods exit the country for sale or consumption.

In addition, the goods been imported before and have not been sold for any reason and returned to country without being used can be cleared under the following circumstances:
1-1)providing the importing documents of the goods
1-2)Receiving Bills of Quarantine, Health and Safety if necessary
1-3)Restoring the importing concessions received for issuing the goods

2-Temporary Issue:

It is a customs procedure based of which authorized goods exit the country for certain objectives and period of time and return to the country again. If consulting for the mentioned or not mentioned cases are needed, the company’s experts are prepared to answer and guide you. Furthermore, considering the company’s extensive experience in customs formalities and clearing goods and having agencies in all customs of the country, they will clear your goods in all customs in the shortest time and the least cost.